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Camera instructions

Watch this video on how to disconnect the battery

Watch this video on how to plug in the motor arms  

Watch this video on how to set the pitch to zero

Attaching the Camera Module
Camera module for Micro Drone 2.0 attaches to the battery cage.  
Attach the camera to the bottom of the Drone with a small tab (facing forward), position the camera in the centre and ensure the weight of the battey is equally spread for balanced flying.
Open the Drone shell and plug the Camera Module lead directly into the Camera Port. When the power is on, the Camera Module will show a green LED on the underside.

Changing between Camera and Video mode
Slide the switch to the left for Video mode and right for Camera mode. Press the Function button on the controller to activate. In Video mode, a red LED light will continuously flash - this indicates it is recording, press the Function button again to stop recording. In Camera mode, press the Function button once to take a single photo, the red LED light will flash once.
The Lens is mounted on a Swivel mechanism, turn this to face the angle you wish to shoot.
Once you have finished shooting, disconnect the Drone's battery, remove the SD card and insert into the card reader to download to your computer.

Never disconnect the power, switch off the controller or remove the SD card while recording.
Using the Camera Module reduces the flight time, we recommend having a few extra batteries which are available to order.
Occasionally the footage can become corrupted, if your computer has a problem reading the SD card, format the card and try again.
Share your videos with us, upload to Youtube and email them to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and we will pick the most interesting ones to win prizes and feature on our website.

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