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Progress with the Helicopter Car

The Helicopter Car is the world's first micro helicopter and car in ONE! With the ability to drive along the ground and then take off to the sky. The first of it's kind with our patent.

We are hoping to launch this in 2010. If you are interested in this product and to be the first to order, please register your interest and we will email you with updates when it becomes availiable. 

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We are looking for international distributors and retailers interested in running our product for 2010. 

Our Desert Apache and Terror Wasp are available to order. 


Prototype concept for the new Helicopter Car.

Customer Feedback

"Great customer service,."
Karen jackson - Apr '15
"An amazing little device. About 4 weeks ago I flew @Link ..."
Chris Mathews - Mar '15
"Great Solid Stability. I really enjoyed being allo ..."
James Mahoney - Feb '15
"A well designed serviceable drone. Crashed and dam ..."
Paul - Jan '15
"Seems like a really good product"
Tim Thomas - Dec '14
"The quadcopter itself is fantastic"
Joseph Robbins - Nov '14
"The Micro Drone 2.0 is FUN FUN FUN , Easy to fly i ..."
phillip reuberson - Nov '14
"Nicely put together"
Alan Esner - Sep '14
"Brilliant. ..good fun...They go very high and a go ..."
john - Sep '14
"Extream fliers microdrone 2.0 is the most fun ever @Link ..."
crispycat - May '14