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Groupon Voucher Instructions and FAQs

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For Groupon France orders, please visit our French website

Pour les commandes de France Groupon, s'il vous plaît visitez notre site Web en français

The ordering system is now fully functional and there should be no problems with voucher codes. Thank you for your patience with the system while we've struggled with a few technical problems due to over demand. We have been working around the clock to make it run smoothly as possible so please bear with us.
We're trying to answer queries and order trackers as quickly as we can but following the Groupon offer we have been inundated with emails so we're a little backlogged.
Delivery time is listed as within 28 days, however we should have the majority of orders dispatch within 14 days.

Vouchers can only be redeemed online on our website. Shops which stock our products won't be able to redeem vouchers in store.

In the event that you have any problems redeeming your voucher code, feel free to contact us, they can be redeemed for up to 28 days.

How to redeem Groupon Voucher:
1. register to create and account if you are new here and log in. (better use IE browser)
2. Add the correct helicopter to the cart, go to the cart and enter your voucher.
3. 1 helicopter + UK delivery = £3.01 . - Just check this before confirming payment
4. You can only use 1 code at a time so if you have bought 2 codes from Groupon, place the first order, then when complete, go back and place the second.
5. after checking out you will receive a confirmation letter from EF and a receipt from Paypal.

Q: I'm having trouble using my voucher, the website says my voucher is invalid.
A: Please email us your Groupon voucher and we will reset it. Sometimes when it's entered too may times it becomes invalid, despite not having redeemed it.

Q: How can i complete a transaction without a Paypal account?
A: Yes, when you get to the paypal page, click on the left to Pay By Debit or Credit Card without a PayPal account

Q: My server crashes when i try to log in, what should i do?
A: What internet server are you using? Some of the older ones e.g. Internet explorer, aren't quite quick enough to cope with the sites memory. However a provider like Firefox or Google Chrome should work fine, and are easily downloadable from Google.
Q: My voucher isn't working, what should i do?
A: Make sure you're logged in, and if it still doesn't work, email it to us so that we can reset your code or send you another one

Q: I bought 2 vouchers from Groupon but the total has only deducted £39.99, what should i do?
A: Each code can only be used for one helicopter so one transaction must be done at a time

Q: Why it charges 1p extra?
A: Sometimes Paypal could not recognize the subtotal at £0.00, so we have made a nominal amount of 1p to check out successfully.

Q: When will i receive the order?
Delivery time is listed as within 28 days, however we should have the majority of orders dispatch within 14 days.

Q: Can I redeem it from the store?
A: No. The voucher code is only available for online shopping.

Q: I tried to process a voucher twice and I've made too many orders, how do i cancel a pending order?
A: Send us the order code and we'll cancel it before it gets dispatched!


Q: When i enter my details and click continue, it takes me to the home page. What do i do?
A: Ensure that you have filled in ALL of the asterixed fields Including mobile number and the drop down selection of your country.

Thanks again for your patience with the system. I hope you enjoy your helicopters when they arrive.  :)

Many thanks,

Customer support
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