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Instruction for flying a helicopter

Setting up your helicopter
1. Remove the back of the controller and place in 6 X new AA Batteries in the slots, then screw the back on.
2. Charge the helicopter with either the USB charger in a computer OR wire from the right side of the controller. Plug in your helicopter and make sure that it is SWITCHED OFF.
3. After 30minutes, unplug and store the cable.
4. Switch the helicopter on and place on a flat surface until the blue flashing light stops.
5. Turn the remote control on and push the left joystick all the way up and back down so that the red light stops flashing, this means that the helicopter and remote control are now linked.
6. Ready for take-off!

Simple steps to flying
1. Complete the steps above, then, push the left joystick up steadily until the helicopter is hovering.
2. Grasp the sensitivity of the up and down movement with the left joystick, landing it safely.
3. Once the helicopter is safely hovering, turn the right joystick left and right to turn.
4. To propel the helicopter forwards, hold the right joystick forwards for 3 seconds and it will start to accelerate.  (This is the same for backwards, but moving the right joystick back for 3 seconds.)
5. If at any point your helicopter goes out of control, pull your left joystick all the way down to stop the rotors and this will minimise damage if the helicopter lands on the floor or hits a wall.

Happy flying!

Customer Feedback

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Philip - Feb '12
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Hainzes - Jan '12
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Jacky - Jan '12